About Us

The cream of the crop

We are a small but dedicated marketing and advertising agency based in Cape Town, with a trusted selection of collaborators from around the globe.

We are also Cape Town’s publishing house of choice for the self-publishing author.

We are a close collaboration of creative professionals joining forces remotely from around the globe. We’re passionate about partnering with good people who bring out our collective creative genius while drawing from a deep pool of experience to generate unique solutions, using tried and proven methods.

Thanks to the wonders of the remote workforce, we are not tied down or restricted by our physical whereabouts. All that matters is where our heads are at – and that is in the game, alongside our happy customers.

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

A new hope

After years of working in media agencies, ad agencies, publishing houses, and in-house marketing teams, the founders of Lorem Ipsum (L.I.) decided the standard approach to marketing agency structures required an over-haul.

Then with the onset of the “New Normal” Corona Virus era it became a no-brainer.  An effective, efficient creative agency doesn’t need costly offices with high overheads, filled with bloated teams standing around the water cooler while they fill their allotted daily hours.

No thank you.

We saw the opportunity to create a remote agency model, one that is modern and efficient and maximizes on creativity. It’s a bold dream, but we believe with the right remote team, this dream can be a reality.

The benefits of this model are in service of both us (the force) and our clients.

Lower overheads for us means lower costing for our clients – because you’re not paying for redundant office space.

Deadline-based remote work (rather than set office hours) means a healthy work-life balance for us and our teams. That means that you find us at our most creative and efficient selves and you’re working with happy and motivated people.

A varied and vast skill-set. Because we work with an extended remote team, we can bring in whatever specialist you and your project may need. You have access to the most experienced specialists at reasonable rates – with an experienced central project manager taking care of all the little details.

Some of our happy customers
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