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Publishing Models

Self Publish, Hybrid Publishing, and Traditional Publishing. What’s the difference?

Traditional Publishing

In the traditional publishing model, the publisher will either accept or reject a manuscript from the author. After accepting the publisher’s terms, the copyright for the manuscript will then be transferred to the publisher and the author will no longer own the rights to their material.

The publisher will then complete the design and layout and turn that manuscript into a saleable book. The publisher takes all of the financial risks and owns the publication. The author then earns royalties on every book sold (usually around 10%).

Self Publishing

At L.I. we support and work with a lot of authors who opt for self-publishing.

This means we offer all the services and complete all of the tasks a publisher would usually cover – such as editing, proofreading, cover design, layout, and even distribution – but the author pays for these services and retains all of the rights to their work. The publisher does not receive royalties after the fact and has no legal claim over the title. The author and publisher may choose to include the book on the publisher’s imprint list, or not, according to their individual agreements and level of involvement.


L.I. does not offer traditional publishing – but we do offer a specially developed hybrid-publishing model. In this model, the author and publisher (L.I.) will come to an agreement where both parties are jointly responsible for the costs involved in the publishing and distribution process (from the point of a completed manuscript) and both parties jointly enjoy the royalties and benefits of the book sales. The Copywrite to the work remains the property of the author, with the publisher having certain rights to printing and reproducing. The publisher’s imprint is featured in the book and it is included in the publisher’s imprint list.

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