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Why Lorem Ipsum?

We are a hybrid ad agency and publishing house with a strong ethical motivation to create marketing campaigns and creative solutions which are environmentally friendly, socially ethical, and sustainable. 

Our number one purpose is to tell authentic stories using all the crayons in our box, with a strong focus on the South African landscape, particularly unheard and marginalized voices. We aim to bridge the gap between big business and tiny entrepreneurs through mindful marketing and collaboration. 

What is our story about?

It’s about potential.

This is a story about self worth.

Where the (wo)men who create the magic get to use it to build their own empires.

It’s about knowing your own value, and seeing the value and potential in others.

So, why choose a name like “Lorem Ipsum” ?

To most who are familiar with the phrase, it’s simple placeholder text. To us, it’s the text that’s holding your place, your potential.

To us, Lorem Ipsum is the SPACE in which we create your reality. It’s the place that’s been carved out of space and time for you – waiting to be filled with your story.

Why Lorem Ipsum? 

Why Not?!